Lorenzo Kamerlengo

Lorenzo Kamerlengo (Pescara, 1988)
He studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and the UPV / EHU Facultad de Bellas Artes in Bilbao.
He obtained a master’s degree in painting and a master’s degree in decoration at the ABAQ, L’Aquila.

In 2020 he is the founder of the cultural association Senzabagno.

He lives between Pescara, Urbania (PU) and St. Moritz (CH).

Lorenzo Kamerlengo constructs a discourse through the relationship between various visual forms: installations, sculpture, video, print, drawing, plastic and meta-spatial works.
His work comes from a reflection on the social and subjective condition of the individual in the contemporary world, on its incapacity for a complete identification in a context, to self-perception, to the relationship with history in the construction of an identity.
The artist’s sculptures and installations are often incomplete forms, fragments, results of constructions and deconstructions, bodies, objects, relationships that need to be defined.

The weight, the exertion and the scarcity of information:

Weight is the ratio of the thing to its center of gravity.
Gaining weight or working with weight is to bring out and build around the
pivot of things.

Exertion is tension to the mythical.
In effort the thing present in the here-and-now acquires an eternal tension.
Exertion is ecstasy.

Scarcity of information is a primitivist attitude.
Scarcity of information means looking at the world again.
It means intuiting the possibility inside the “already done”, it means trying, it means exploring, it means to be ready to fail, it means repeating the whole process already done with some variations, it means trying again.